We offer classic tours in digital photography and special tours in smartphone, analogue photography and video making. Our tours are dedicated to different core themes which are closely connected to Sicily’s traditional elements and linked to a specific learning content.

Palermo SMART

380EUR 190EUR
Smartphone Photography | Beginners, Advanced, Professionals
3 days
Stories | Street Photography | Advanced, Professionals
2 days
Documentary & Nature Photography | Beginners, Advanced
Documentary & Nature Photography | Beginner, Advanced
5 days
Nature & Underwater Photography | Advanced, Professionals
5 days
Nature & Reportage Photography | Beginners, Advanced

We provide the tours: Stone & Rocks for fans of nature- and architecture photography, Light & Fire for those who want to gain more experiences in lightning and night shooting, both Sea & Salt and Stories & Tradition for photographers who focus on documentary issues, and Eat & Drink for all documentary photographers with a special interest in food production and farming.