Wunderkammer Street

100EUR per person

Street Photography | Beginners, Advanced

Urban spaces offer an infinite wealth of details, moments and things. Even Palermo’s millennia-old face knows many facets and hides inconspicuous treasures. Exposed to time and environment, the city is constantly changing – be it through us humans or nature and climate. How can we navigate through the rich waves of information and how do we decide what to focus on? Does photography help us to repeatedly question our perception and view of the world?

During the workshop with Berlins street photographer Torsten Schumann, we explore the streets of Palermo as a “Wunderkammer” and discover the city in a more personal and fascinating way. Leaving free space for coincidences and our intuition, we experiment playful in the streets. Also the lecture and discussions about already existing works, will help us to explore individual photographic strategies. Focusing on basic elements, we examine how photographic details allow us to get conclusions about a larger context, or maybe even provoke it. Can we transmit our subjective image of the world by bringing together or emphasizing things consciously through purposeful “omissions”? The aim of the workshop is to strengthen the trust in one’s own view and to interpret Palermo’s urban spaces in a unique and new way.


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15th – 16th June 2019

Dein Coach

The images of the Berlin based photographer Torsten Schumann are able to speak the “language of things” and decode often their signs. They help to understand the dialogue between single objects and show us the absurdity and remoteness of our environment. During the Liquida Studio Residency of Minimum and  Baco, the photographer discovered Palermo the first in 2018. Like Goethe searched here for the imaginary “primeval plant” over 200 years ago, Torsten Schumann walked around in Palermo’s urban landscape and explored the city’s visual life on its own. In that way his photographs are truly lead by the magic of coincidences.



Costs included: The Workshop fee of 100 EUR includes personal coaching by Torsten Schumann, urban guide, training materials, welcome brunch

20 % Off for group bookings (minimum 4 persons)
15% OFF for students of photography, visual arts and film (with a document certifying the current studies)

Costs on tour: Thanks to our partnerships with trustful local operators we can help you to organize your stay. Please contact us for more information.

Passt es zu mir?

The workshop is recommended for beginners through to advanced photographers with basic skills who want to improve their personal portfolio with unique street photographs. We expect participants to be familiar with their camera (digital) and lenses and work easily with common post-production tools.

Das Absurde, mit Geschmack dargestellt, erregt Widerwillen und Bewunderung.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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    Palermo, BACO – via Giacalone 35, 90133 Palermo
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    Personal Guide
    Photography Coach
    Sici:scatta Travel Kit
    Training Materials
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    Welcome & Farewell Meal


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