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450EUR per person

Street Photography | Beginners & Advanced

In collaboration with Palermofoto® ACSI we present a four-day workshop that combines the art of photography with the magic of storytelling. Among the alleys and light of the small village of Siculiana, you will be immersed in one of the oldest religious celebrations in Sicily, the “Lu Tri di Maiu” procession (the Third of May). Each participant will be guided by the coaches of Palermofoto® and build up a personal set of photographs through the assignment of different “Missions” during the event. After each day the images will be edited and screened within a group or individual working session, according to the specific needs of each photographer. To enjoy the beauty of the countryside of Siculiana we suggest accommodation in an intimate B&B resort that offers comfort, individual apartments with a kitchen, a swimming pool and the most beautiful beaches of Sicily’s southern coast: Giallonardo, Siculiana Marina and the white rocks of Scala dei Turchi. Among stunning sunsets, unique nature, local wines and food we share a passion for photography and Sicily’s cultural heritage.

1st – 4th May 2019

Please check the availability of tickets for the specified date of the workshop within our booking tool. For more information send a message to mail@siciscatta.com

Your Coach

The coaching dream team of this workshop are the three Italian photographers Salvo Veneziano, Dodo Veneziano and Giuseppe Sinatra. United in their passion for photography the “simpatico trio” founded Palermofoto®, a photographic section of the long proven ACSI association. Over the past years they developed an intense activity in cultural promotion on the local and international stage. Photography as form of expression, research and profession is the core of the didactic strategy that the trio has been teaching for almost 30 years with great experience. Aware of individual needs and modern learning techniques they offer a multilevel training program, focused on the photographic language.

www.palermofoto.it www.salvoveneziano.comwww.dodoveneziano.comwww.giuseppesinatra.com


Costs included: The Workshop fee of 450 EUR includes: a personal photography coach, accommodation & local transfers, training materials, welcome & farewell dinner, SiciScatta Kit.

Discount: 20 % Off for students of photography, visual arts and film (with a document certifying the current studies) and group booking (min. 4 persons).

Costs on tour: Based on a 3-night-stay and the records of our previous trips the estimated amount of travel costs for this workshop will be approximately 250 EUR (including accommodation, meals and local transfers). Thanks to our partnerships with trustful local operators we can help you to organize your stay. Please contact us for more information.


Our recommendation for your stay during the workshop is the family-run B&B Borgo Giallonardo, near the village of Siculiana. Here in Borgo Giallonardo you can relax and enjoy the products of homemade products, fragrant wine and the magical light of Sicily.

As with all our workshop offerings, you can freely decide which accommodation you book and whether you are traveling with your own car or we should assist you in planning your trip with the help of our local partners.

Is it for me?

The workshop is recommended for beginners through to advanced photographers with basic skills who want to improve their personal portfolio with unique street photographs. We expect participants to be familiar with their camera (digital) and lenses and work easily with common post-production tools.

There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.

Robert Frank

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    8:00 AM
  • Return Time
    6:00 PM
  • Included
    Personal Guide
    Photography Coach
    Sici:scatta Travel Kit
    Training Materials
    Welcome & Farewell Meal
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After arriving in Siculiana we have the first working lab session at our home base. It will be the moment when we start to get to know each other, exchange ideas and talk about the challenges we will face the following days. Each participant will be invited to introduce themselves and present a portfolio with their photographs to understand the different styles and ambitions present within the group. All photographers will receive their first "Mission" and shoot freely on location. At the end of the day we will select the first shots and dedicate time to edit. Speaking of subsequent experiences, we will relax with a classic "aperitivo".
After breakfast our second day will begin with the assignment of the "Mission" and we will return to the alleys and squares of Siculiana where the religious celebrations will begin. The atmosphere will offer us an excellent opportunity for developing first ideas to capture the rural soul of the village. Among other possibilities you have the chance to explore the proximate coast and its natural beauty. We finish the day with another editing workshop, the screening of the photographs taken by each participant and an open talk about the successes and difficulties of the day.
The third workshop day will be dedicated to the climax of the procession of the Saint Crucifix. Early in the morning we move to the village to take pictures through the sound of the religious celebrations and symbolic gunshots. In the afternoon we will focus on the solemn procession of the Third of May. Like in ancient times, the so-called "vara" with the cross will not lead the way, but will be carried back and forth with scraps that create confusion among the crowds. We will have the opportunity to capture these special moments during the event and take photographs of the situations in the street that create a unique atmosphere.
Our workshop between "sacred and profane" will end with a final editing session followed by the screening and reading of the entire project of each participant. After our final lunch made of rich flavors and traditional Sicilian delicacies we then say goodbye to the southern coast of Sicily and return to Palermo
The heart of the province of Agrigento is one of Sicily’s oldest towns, resurrected on many ruins: Agrigento. The most know spot near the town is the Valley of the Temples, founded in 581 B.C. by Greek as city of Akragas and becoming a resplendent centre in the Mediterranean, this archeological site is one of the best conserved testimonials of ancient times in Europa and registered world heritage in 1997 by the UNESCO. Exploring the 126 km coastline of Agrigento you will discover an incredible variety of unforgettable nature spots and cultural patrimony. Including the territory Siculiana, Scala dei Turchi, Torre Salsa, Sciacca, Porto Palo, Menfi and Licata. You will find a succession of beaches of fine sand, cliffs of white rock and nature reserves. This colorful piece of natural art is enriched by historical towns, vinerys and a celebrative atmosphere.
  • Workshop type: Documentary & Street Photography
  • Skill level: Beginners, Advanced
  • Class: 4-8 participants
SiciScatta Tour Kit:
  • Personalized map of Sicily
  • Digital Guide on Google Maps
  • Lecture about cultural side looks, local project and history
  • SD Memory Card for your camera
What you need to bring?
  • Digital photo camera, with everything that comes around (cables, charger, card reader) Consider an external hard disk to make a back up of your daily shooting.
  • Minimum of lenses (we recommend a 24-50mm prime lense + zoom lense and/or tele lense)
  • Laptop with charger
  • Other photo equipment (tripod, filter and what ever you desire)
  • Comfortable footwear (for trekking)
  • Swimsuit (optional)
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