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Palermo SMART

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Smartphone Photography | Beginners

Palermo SMART is a workshop for people who want to upgrade their smartphone photography skills to a professional standard. Although many people today use smartphones instead of cameras, often the potential of these small devices goes untapped. From digital sketches to stunning travel and street photos, everything is possible with today’s modern smartphone technology. SiciScatta helps you unlock the capabilities of your device and explore your own creativity. Palermo SMART will show you how to take photos that are striking and expressive whilst exploring the multifaceted city of Palermo. Here, between colorful street markets and layers of history, you will get in touch with locals and learn more about their culture and traditions. The workshop itinerary includes the historical city center with Quattro Canti, Piazza Pretoria, the Ballarò Street Market, Cathedral and finishes in the Danisinni district; a place of traditions, social regeneration and arts.


The workshop takes place every FRIDAY in Palermo. You can book a half day experience from 9:30AM– 12:30AM or a full day workshop from 9:30AM – 4:00PM. Please check the availability of accomodation for your selected date with our booking tool. For more information send a message to mail@siciscatta.com.

Your Coach

The workshop will be guided by one of our professional photography coaches, with years of experience and their own specific style. A continuous exchange during the tour guarantees a hands-on approach which is the most effective way to grow. Before we shoot and explore the location, your coach will explain the main focus of the shooting session and stay with the group to give hints and advice. Of course we will make sure that you have free space to experiment on your own.


Full day: 45 EUR
Half day: 27 EUR

Please write us a personal email if you only wish to book the half day program.

The workshop fee includes: a personal photography coach and local guide, training materials and the SiciScatta Tour Kit. 

Is it for me?

Our workshop in smartphone photography focuses on smart devices and is open to all skill levels. To get to know the capabilities of your smartphone, we will introduce the basic elements of visual composition and include different types of photography in our learning program. This includes street, architecture, portrait and landscape photography.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

Ansel Adams

  • Included
    Personal Guide
    Photography Coach
    SiciScatta Travel Kit
    Training Materials
  • Not Included
    Welcome & Farewell Meal


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