Coast of Agrigento

Where the sun shines brighter and beaches never end

Coast of Agrigento

Wild sandy beaches, white rocks and untouched nature reserves are merging into a stunning coastline that is bordered by thousand of years old heritage, historical towns, vineyards, almond trees and colorful celebrations.

The heart of the province of Agrigento is one of Sicily’s oldest towns, resurrected on many ruins: Agrigento. The most know spot near the town is the Valley of the Temples, founded in 581 B.C. by Greek as city of Akragas and becoming a resplendent centre in the Mediterranean, this archeological site is one of the best conserved testimonials of ancient times in Europa and registered world heritage in 1997 by the UNESCO. Exploring the 126 km coastline of Agrigento you will discover an incredible variety of unforgettable nature spots and cultural patrimony. Including the territory Siculiana, Scala dei Turchi, Torre Salsa, Sciacca, Porto Palo, Menfi and Licata. You will find a succession of beaches of fine sand, cliffs of white rock and nature reserves. This colorful piece of natural art is enriched by historical towns, vinerys and a celebrative atmosphere.