Sici:scatta is a core team of three social animals, globetrotters and nature lovers who are connected by their passion for photography and film making. Our vision is to bring together art, culture and education and facilitate a service that supports sustainable and creative tourism, both for locals and travellers.

Helen-Marie Hecker

Booking & PR

Helen lives between Berlin and Palermo. She is a PR freak and independent journalist, publishes in audiovisual as well as print media. The life-long vagabond graduated in Romance philology and political science and has worked for the national documentary film school C.S.C. in Palermo. Thats when she got in touch with the magical places and people of Sicily and fell deeply in love with the island. Back in Berlin she visited the renowned Ostkreuz Schule and began to dedicate her time and passion to photography…


Mathia Coco

Photography Labs

Mathia is a nature lover and scientist who graduated at University of Palermo. He grew up on the little island Ustica, together with his brother Stefano, and decided to stay in Sicily, a place he can never get enough of. Today he works as a freelance photographer and nature guide, bringing his two greatest passions together. In 2008 he and two friends founded the association Astrid Natura which accompanies hundreds of people exploring the Sicilian territory each year. Always in search of the worlds wonders Mathia travels constantly…

Stefano Coco

Stefano Coco

Videomaking Labs

Stefano Coco is an unstoppable traveler. Sicily is his beloved home, but Stefano is always on the move both for work and pleasure. After finishing his journalism studies in Rome and Madrid, his curiosity for unusual stories and extraordinary characters started to emerge, and he discovered his greatest passion: filmmaking! In 2014, together with his brother Mathia, he founded RICCIO BLU, a production company which produces documentaries and commercial videos. Their award-winning film “USTICA – Gil anni del diamante” was released in 2017.


Sici:scatta doesn’t only want to teach you the necessary techniques to help you improve your skills, but also tries to convey “how we can see things”. For us photography means more than “only taking pictures”. Dealing with imagery is always a cultural question. Especially nowadays, in a world where plenty of images are produced and published every day, it becomes more and more important how mindful we are when approaching our surroundings and taking pictures. Our basic vision is to help each other to become aware of the different perspectives through which we can observe the world and share our knowledge. With our workshop-tours you gain access to the visual vocabulary and instruments to become the master of your own image. In that sense we welcome everyone who desires to understand photography and video making in a more creative way.