What we do

SiciScatta stands for photography, Sicily and the undiscovered. Undiscovered skills, ideas but above all undiscovered people and places. Because a “good” photograph starts with a vision. For us photography means emotions, stories, nostalgia and curiosity. The essences of our workshops and individual expeditions.
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Our concept combines creativity, professional training and unique travel experiences. The workshops focuses on a deeper understanding of visual ideas and  styles. During your trip photography becomes a filter through which we you are able to express your own visions and share them with others. In that way SiciScatta offers a revealing approach to the places you visit. Organized by local coaches and experts, you will get true insights into social backgrounds, artistic projects or gastronomic traditions. Every workshop route is linked to a special topic and bases on different types and techniques – from documentary to landscape from street to architecture photography.  To learn more about our workshop options, check out the tour program and routes in Sicily.


It doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer or a passionate beginner – we offer various workshop types for different skill levels. All of our workshops are designed to help you to get in touch with the soul of your photography. That’s why we work on creating unusual tours which allows us to discuss what we are doing. To make sure that you choose the right one for you, you can test your abilities with our survey.

When we travel we are like film at the moment of exposure; it is memory that will develop it.

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All of our coaches have decades of experience, their own specific style and work as professional photographers or video makers. Traveling together helps us to get to know each other and learn more about the way we take pictures. A continues exchange during the tour guarantees a learning-by-doing process which is the most effective way to grow. Before we shoot and explore the location, your coach will explain the main focus of the shooting session and stay with the group to give hints and advices. Of course we make sure that you will have also your free space to experiment on your own. The photo lab at the end of each day is the heart of our training program. Here is we have time  for profound conversations in order to understand our difficulties and share successes.


During the journey photography gifts identity and becomes a base of communication that gives the exceptional opportunity to exchange ideas, develop ongoing works and support each other in new projects. The strength of our workshops lies in that we sharpen our focus together and share our expertise and sense for aesthetics. In this way partnerships can grow in an international context and new friendships can be forged – outside and inside of your travel group. On the other hand we help promote your work, organize events and connect you with local professionals.

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