Please read all our information about the workshop conditions and make your stay in Sicily as much successful and unique as it can be!
Coaches: Who is teaching?

To guarantee a high-qualified and exciting training program, we collaborate with a pool of renowned photographers and video makers who are based in Sicily and stand out due their local expertise aside their artistic skills. In that way we enabled a well-working partnership with different artists and documentarists on the spot.

Local heros: Who you meet?

Our philsophy is based on the idea to offer you true insights in culture, social backgrounds, artstic projects of gastronomic traditions. That‘s why we like to get you in touch with the people of Sicily. Our workshop programs are designed and supported by local heros you will meet during your stay in Sicily. Often they are local farmers, artists, nature experts or associations who want to share their knowledge with you. With your booking you automatically support their activity and work in Sicily.

Group: Capacity and individual booking

To keep our tours as personal as possible, and guarantee an effective educational service and individual learning process with your coach, we limit the workshop groups to 8 participants. The goal is to create an atmosphere that is closer to a family or a group of friends, as opposed to a usual travel group.

In consequence of the small size of our workshop groups, the workshops are quickly fully booked. You still want to participate on the tour? Don’t worry, there is hope! Once the a workshop group is full, we will open a waiting list for all those who still want to join. You enter in the group in case a booking will be cancelled. Only after our confirmation of your participation you need to pay the deposit.

We offer also the possibility of individual groups, if we receive booking requests of minimum 4 people. In terms of the availability of the workshop coach and collaboration partners, we can check together forthcoming dates and when it would be the best to organise the tour for you.

Booking: How to pay?

Because of the small size of the classes it is better to book your tour as soon as you decide the right workshop program for you. You can register with our online form on the page of each tour, or send us an e-mail at book@siciscatta.com. After your registration we will send you a confirmation email with detailed information about the travel conditions.

To be effective, your booking has to be verified with a deposit (60% of the workshop fee) or the total amount of the workshop fee. You will receive all information and our bank details in your registration mail. As soon as we receive the deposit we will confirm your booking and reserve your place in the group. The complete balance is due 40 days before the beginning of your workshop. We will send you a reminder. If we will not receive the complete payment, somebody else will take your place.

Costs: What is included?

The costs of our tours are splitted to:

  • An obligatory workshop fee that includes your personal photography coach, a local guide, tickets and contribution to locations and local partners, all training materials, the Sici:scatta Travel Kit, a traditional Sicilian picnic or lunch package and a farewell/welcome dinner.
  • The costs on tour vary from trip to trip and include all accommodations, transfers and meals. Thanks to our partnerships with trustful local operators we will find the best solutions for your stay and help you calculate the total amount of your travel costs in advance. Of course you are free to choose your own travel options.

We accept payments via PAYPAL or bank transfer.

Cancellation: What refunds you get?

It rarely happens that we are forced to cancel a workshop last minute. But if external conditions do prevent the tour, we will fully reimburse the fee or you can choose another tour date to be part of.

Should you decide to cancel your booking for any reason, at least 30 days before the workshop starts, we will refund 80% of the total amount of the workshop. After this date and with the beginning of the workshop we cannot refund any paid fee, and you will lose your deposit.

Discounts: Our special offers

Early birds, get’s more! We guarantee 15% of discount for participants who book their workshop at least 3 months in advance.

We know that Sici:scatta can be the perfect experience for friends or family members that share a common passion. For that reason we offer a group discount of 25% for bookings of five or more tickets.

We love networking and want to create a Sici:scatta family! That’s why we offer 10% discount to all students who participate a second time to our tours or join us repeated. The discount will be applied on the workshop fee and not the total amount of travel costs.

On tour: Accommodations, meals & transfers

Sici:scatta lives from the idea to create aside from individual and valuable learning contents, unique experiences on tour that is truly connected to the idea of travelling. Travelling together gives the exceptional possibility to exchange ideas and swap opinions on ongoing projects. Something many photographers are missing in their daily work. At the same time we want to help to build up a stronger sense for community and boost professional networks. To ensure anintimate working and living atmosphere we suggest you accommodations and hosts that are selected individually with local operators and offer at the same time a “Plus More” experience – this means places that give insights into cultural issues, farming or performing. We will inform you in advance about the possibilities and room solutions.

The same applies to our farwell or welcome dinners and the picnics, based on typical Sicilian products. Of course you have the freedom to choose your own accomodation and meals at each destination, but we are happy to assist you.

We try to move around the island in a way that respects environment and nature. For that reason we use or public transportations or organise individual transfers in minivans for you. Their costs are shared among all participants. If you decide to move with you own vehicle, we surely can help you to find the right rental partner.


We try to open our learning program to many people as possible and create multilingual workshops. All of our coaches speak Italian and English and will teach in one of the two languages, respecting language of all participants. A part of these two main languages we can guarantee translations in German, Spanish and French by the course assistant.

Not alone: Traveling with family & friends

You love photography but you hate travelling alone with strangers? We will welcome also a friend, partner or family member on our tour, if he or she do not want to take necessarily part of the workshop! Because of our limited capacity, we don’t have always space for everyone in our transportations and recommended guest houses, so you would need to find rental cars and accommodations on your own. So please let us know about it, and we can help you to find the appropriate solution.

Travel List: What to bring?

We want to make sure that your photo tour will be as comfortable and successful as possible. That’s why for each workshop we prepare a small travel kit with some useful tools. Apart from that we are happy to help you with your travel preparations, so feel free ask us any questions you have.

Photographic equipment: The best way is to bring the equipment you would normally use on tour. Be aware that your camera and lenses are in good working condition. For some workshops we will specify other tools, like tripods for night photography, that can be useful. Also lens cleaning kits for shootings in the countryside and SD card readers are advisable.

Laptop & Tablets: For our photo labs and critics sessions at the end of every day, we highly recommend to bring your own laptop. Most of our counseling will be done on the screen. Furthermore you are independent to work on your files and learn more about post-production solutions. Also tablets and sound recorders can help you during the theoretic part of the workshop.

Portfolio: To know you better and learn more about your photography skills and style, we ask you to bring a selection of at least five photographs. Your work will be shared during the first meeting with the other participants and your coach. It helps also to explain difficulties and see the steps you made during the Sici:scatta experience.

Clothes: In Sicily it’s most of the time in the year pretty warm! But we are on tour offroad and sometimes also in higher mountains, so we suggest to always also warmer clothes for the evening, windy weather and cooler areas. During some workshops you will have the possibility to go for a swim! Don’t forget about your swimsuit and snorkling mask – if you like!


Sici:scatta is not liable for personal injuries or equipment damage during the workshop. The signing of the enrollment form releases us from any liability. Furthermore Sici:scatta is not responsible for reimbursement of travel expenses in case a workshop is cancelled. We recommend to add a travel insurance or buy refundable air tickets.

We are happy answering you any further questions, plan your trip or select the right workshop-tour for you. Please do not hesitate and contact your workshop guide anytime:

Helen Hecker

E-Mail: mail@siciscatta.com
Italian Mobile: +39 379 1418027
German Mobile: +49 176 61817745